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July 29, 2013


What a great reunion we had.   If you missed this one, you missed out!   We heard from the group that this was the best one that we have ever had.  Thank you everyone for coming.   The ice breaker on Friday night had at least 100 people attend.   The tour of the school on Saturday morning was so great.   They had us go in the gym and have a seat on the bleachers while they went over the changes in the school building and the classes.   They also had four students that were our assistant tour guides and a coach/gym teacher to assist Jeanne Kelly who guided us around.   They were all so nice and welcoming and answering our questions.   They even brought out The Bell for us to see and get pictures of.   A big thank you to them for allowing us to come and see the school.   We really enjoyed it.   After the tour we headed over to Grevey's for lunch and then there was a break before the reunion for some of us.   The Humanities Group managed to "throw" together a last minute gathering before the reunion at The Lost Dog Cafe in Dunn Loring I believe.   Then some free time before the reunion.

The reunion iself was so much fun.   There were a couple group pictures on display from two previous reunions.   The Boosters were there selling shirts, sweatshirts and other items.   They said they did very well and it was fun for them.  They enjoyed the music too.  The DJ was great, although a bit loud but there were people dancing and he helped/assisted Amos Lu with the picture taking. He played music that had us singing and dancing before the first group shot was taken. That set the stage for more fun and dancing.   There were appetizers that were passed around before the main food stations were set up and ready for everyone.

Thank you all for coming and participating in this one.   Including the 22 people that paid at the door, we had a total of 155 that came to this reunion.   The highest we have had was 188 at our 25th reunion, however, I think this one was more fun! With those walk-ins, we were able to cover our bills. In trying to keep the ticket price low, it was tight this time but it worked out in the end. THANK YOU.

Thank you to everyone that helped get the reunion together both behind the scenes and out in front.   A HUGE thank you to Amos Lu for going above and beyond of what was asked of him. He also added to the fun at the reunion.   He is busy getting his pictures uploaded to the Photobucket site.   The password is jonijaguar. There is a link to that site on this web site and we will be emailing out instructions to everyone on how to get in and get the pictures. They changed the way the pages looked after the alumni book was printed.   Tom Buckley is putting pictures on the web site for all to view also. The laptop he was using at the hotel was new to him and had some trouble getting the photos posted as quickly as he would have liked to.  Now back at home in familiar computer territory he is much happier. He will be working on the pictures and if anyone would like to put their "story" on our Virtual Reunion section, please go ahead and submit it with a current picture and we will post that too.   OR if you would like to update your story, we can get that done also, so send them in.   Thank you Tom!   Thank you to Teresa Wismer, practically a lifelong friend and a member of the Class of '74 for helping me for the third time with checking people in, with getting the balloons and setting up. Thank you to Sue Genduso Twigg, Vic Hunter, Lisa Tavelli Feinberg, Louise Hartmen Miller, Mark Woodside, Sharon Matheson Godbout, Donna Hoak Craver, Tom Waller, Debbie Donnachie Aylward, Jennifer Scharr Oakley, Ginger Knott Bentley and Marilyn Sirpis Beames for your help, for listening and suggestions, for help in getting the decorations done and set up in the room and for anything else you have done that I may have missed and if I missed naming anyone, I apologize but I truly appreciate it all.   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

We had a fantastic time.  What a way to hold a 40th.   We are the stars of our class and we will keep on brightly shining.

Prayers, hugs and good thoughts for those in need, fighting disease or missing loved ones.

As always, keep in touch.