FCHS '74 Virtual Reunion

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               Mary Lou Swink Kimball

Hello All - Maiden name was Mary Lou Swink - Long time since I've been in touch with anyone from FCHS - Graduated in '74 (a year early - originally in Class of '75) - Still live in Northern VA.   Siblings are Betty, Jim & Joan (Joni) who also graduated from FCHS.   We lived on Chestnut Ave until we all got married and left the nest.

Mary Lou Swink Kimball

               Jackie Cudd Ahrens

After graduating from Falls Church High School, I attended Brigham Young University for a short time, then relocated back to VA and worked with Fairfax County Public Schools.     After several years with the school system, I transferred to the Fairfax County Police Department, 911 Center and retired in 2006.   I also volunteered with the Fairfax City Volunteer Fire Department where I met my husband, John.    John is currently a Battalion Chief with the Fairfax City Fire Department.  It was with the Police Department I was reunited with several of our fellow classmates who chose law enforcement or the fire department!    We have 3 children.     Our oldest son is a deputy with Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, married with 3 children.     Our daughter lives in Centreville, experienced in the mortgage industry was recently laid-off (looking for work!).   And I'm homeschooling our 14 year old son while working from home with United First Financial.     We currently live in Manassas but have a house at Lake Anna.   So if we're not at the lake house on the boat, it's scuba diving trips to FL or the Caribbean.

Jackie Cudd Ahrens

                   David Bruce Tew

After graduating from high school, I attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Va. Tech.) studying Architecture.   After my freshman year I married a fellow FCHS '74' graduate, Beverly Hall Tew.   Unfortunately, she met an untimely and tragic death in an automobile accident in May of 1979.

In 1980 I moved to Augusta, Georgia working for a General Contractor as a superintendent constructing a Hospital/Prison.   After the project was completed, I went back to college and acquired my Bachelor of Architecture in 1983.  I soon moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where I remain to this day.

Once in Atlanta, I continued to pursue my Architectural career, and found my niche working as a "Contract Administrator" for architectural firms.  In this position, I am the liaison between the Contractor and Architect while the building is under construction.  It is very dynamic, exciting, and pressure position. I have been fortunate to be involved in some very large and exciting projects, with some of the top firms in Atlanta (and the south).  Projects include buildings for the 1996 Olympics, and I have just completed a 130 million dollar condo/office building project.  At the end of February this year the economic slow-down caught up with me, and I was laid off.   However, I have just found another position (doing the same type of work) and will re-join the working force next week.

In 1981 I married a fellow architectural student from Va. Tech. (Ann Mackenzie Tew). She is a registered Architect and mostly is in charge of our small family run business (ADT Architects & Consultants, Inc.).  In May we will have our 29th wedding anniversary.

We have two boys, Daniel (1986) and Nathan (1988).  Daniel has recently graduated with a master's degree in Forestry from Clemson University, and has just accepted a job, and will begin his career soon.   Nathan is currently a Junior at Georgia Tech, and is studying Materials Science Engineering.

In addition to good academic students, both boys excelled in Cross-country as high school athletes.   Nathan is also currently running on Ga. Tech.'s cross-country and track teams.

Over the years, I have been drawn to three major hobbies/activities...all related to the outdoors....running, hiking, and kayaking.   Since we are basically empty nesters now, these items are the main focus of all of my free time; (see photos) .

Lastly, it has been nice getting back in touch with many old friends via facebook over the last few months, and encourage everyone else to join in!

David Tew

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