FCHS '74 Virtual Reunion

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               Bill Schindler

I live in the Shenandoah Valley about twenty miles south of Harrisonburg outside the small town of Verona.   Donna and I have three sons (see them).   We have lived here for the past thirty years. Hope all who read this are well.


               Mary Grace Birch


Very good to see this site.   Saddened to see so many classmates have passed on so early in life.   My kind spouse, Sebastian Graber; our 14 yo daughter, Jenneca and I live in the mountains of Madison, VA.   I teach ESOL, volunteer teach, volunteer with the houseless, and hang out with "at risk" teens and radical Christian types (community life, vigils at the pentagon, etc.).

I am a grandma!   Our sweet son, Nicholas, married the lovely Elizabeth (see Mary and Elizabeth and they have Milo, who is two.   They are moving to Durham from NYC in Sept, so a little closer for visits and fun. (See picture of Mary with Nicholas - who just turned 29 - and Jenn)

Life is full.
Peace to each of you.
Mary Grace (nee Birch)

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