FCHS '74 Virtual Reunion

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               Scott Southee

After graduating Falls Church High School, I worked at Fairfax Hospital as a security guard while attending NOVA.  I was promoted through the years and eventaully attained Division Director for Support Services at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital in 1991.  After leaving Inova, I worked briefly for Kaiser Permanente, mananging their security force for markets in Cleveland/Akron, Atlanta, Baltimore and DC.  After Sept. 11, 2001, I made a career change of sorts and joined the Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service as an inspector of Embassies and Consulates of their technical security systems.  I traveled to 35 different cities overseas in a span of 3.5 years.  I have been to places like Russia, Vietnam, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Malta, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland, just to name a few.  I consider this period of my life the most rewarding of my career so far. I remain with DoS, but no longer travel.

I met my wife Sue at a Halloween party in 1978, and married August 1, 1981.  She is originally from Rochester NY.  (see Scott's pictures)   We have three children, two girls and a boy, all of whom are grown up.  My son Michael, the oldest, is a History teacher at . . . GULP . . . JEB Stuart, where classmate Pamela Borgotti (Jones) is Principal.   Daughter Jackie lives in Chicago, and after graduating from James Madison University decided to take courses at Second City, where she aspires to eventually become comedy writer.  She lives 8 blocks from Wrigley Field, so being a big baseball fan, I intend to take full advantage of this opportunity. Youngest daughter Erin is in her junior year at Radford University.

We live in Springfield, VA and have a getaway mountain home in the Shenandoah Valley, a.k.a. God's country, and a rental home, also in Springfield.

My favorite teacher was Harvey Cooper (Architectural/Engineering Drawing).

Scott Southee

               Catherine Bayruns Vitari

After graduating from Falls Church, I went to William and Mary and then on to Medical College of Virginia-VCU for my degree in nursing.   From there I went to Virginia Beach, then the Eastern Shore of Maryland, then to the DC area to work at the National Cancer Institute at the NIH, Bethesda.   I worked in oncology nursing for about 24 years in different capacities (and locations ) such as radiation oncology but mostly medical oncology which meant giving chemotherapy. I had met my husband in Huntsville, Alabama where my parents have been for 30+ years.  He worked for PPG so we moved all over the country - Charlotte, North Carolina; Olympia, Washington; Lexington, Ky then to the Pittsburgh area (Go Pens - Go Steelers!).   We were married for 19 years.   After getting divorced, I changed my speciality to pulmonary.   I now work for the University of Pittsburgh in asthma research and am a certified asthma educator.  In fact, I am on the national board of directors of the Association of Asthma Educators and have gotten funding for some of my own research.   I remarried 5 1/2 years ago to a guy I met at Match.com.   I have a 25 yr old daughter who works and goes to school in Orlando and my son is a sophomore at Pitt.   My husband and I ride motorcycles and play a lot of golf - which doesn't mean I am good at golf but I do love to play.  

The pictures (see them) I enclosed are recent except for a picture from my wedding in 2004.   Some of you may remember my parents so I enclosed a picture of them that was taken this past Christmas along with my children.   Yes, that is a bow in my hair in the Xmas picture that a friend took at a Christmas party! - part of the fesitivities!!!  I do enjoy life and the many blessings I have been given!

Cathy Bayruns Vitari

               Joy Napier Dorsey

Hello everyone, I'm Joy Napier Dorsey, I live in Hedgesville WV.   I left Falls Church High after my freshman year but grew up there and went to Westlawn Elementary and Whittier Jr. High.  I would have graduated there in 74' had I stayed.

I have enjoyed the contacts I've had very recently since joining facebook with others who I grew up with and don't remember well but would love to remember well.  How exciting it is to get a chance to hear from people from my past.

Best wishes, would love hearing from you. Joy

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